Monday Musings: Where do I start?


There’s been a crazy amount of things going on (some just in my head) this past week. Last Monday, I blogged about a new sense of purpose. Throughout the week, I was blessed with support of those changes, and I took that as encouragement that the changes were right for me.

I’d had time off the day-job, and I realised that the biggest thing this afforded me was time to THINK. Instead of just go, go, go, I now had the energy to reflect on which actions were taking me forward, which actions I needed to do and was avoiding, and which actions were merely procrastination.

It’s also given me a chance to do a ‘practice run’ of being a full-time author. Currently, I work ~20hrs a week, and I still devote at least 40hrs a week to my writing business. Being able to do those 40hrs without the added day job has been bliss (not that I don’t like my job!) and spurred me on towards my full-time author goal.

In another post, on growing pains, I said I’d post more about my writing / art / lifestyle goals later – I’ll make sure I have that post ready for tomorrow.

So what did happen last week?

  • Published a guest post (including a vlog) about planning a story on Christine Campbell’s website.
  • Enjoyed sharing my books at the Orewa Markets and Kaukapakapa Markets (see more here)
  • Won a brooch from artist Deborah Moss!
  • Secured another couple of guest post spots.
  • Started brainstorming ideas for short stories, and have bought Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors to read.
  • Began editing Beyond the End of the World.
  • Caught up on bookkeeping.
  • Kept up my x3 per week exercise.
    (P.S. Told you I didn’t know where to start!)

And what’s on the cards for this week?

  • Continuing edits for Beyond the End of the World.
  • Brainstorming ideas for my short story anthology.
  • Setting up a merchant account and PO Box (for businessy stuff).
  • Meeting up with the amazing Joy Findlay, who first introduced me to the idea of self-publishing.
  • Writing at least 3 guest posts.
  • Getting back into ‘work mode’.
  • Requesting visits at schools and libraries (I’m aiming to send one-ish request out per week).
  • Keeping an eye on relevant events I may attend.
  • Organising some sort of banner / poster for putting behind & above my table at events.

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Where do I start?

    1. Hmm, not sure if I did make time to relax – but I felt relaxed by the end of the holiday, so same difference!


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