Monday Musings: A fresh sense of purpose

Monday Musings

Click to go to Mt Eden Craft Market’s Facebook page.

After a weekend at the Mt Eden Village Craft Fair, a change to a business page on Facebook, a teaching sesh with a fellow writer this morning, and the first feedback on my third book – I’m feeling like I can actually do this again.

I think the walk was the biggest factor. I haven’t been walking as much as I’d have liked to, and when I did it wasn’t long enough to really push me. Today I walked for a good hour, and came home feeling refreshed.

If you look back over the past few months, you’ll see I’ve been somewhatย productive, and extremely busy. The problem with doing stuff when you’re tired is that it takes longer – so things that should take ten minutes actually take like an hour. The result of which is a hectic lifestyle and not-so-much outcome.

But that’s okay. We can’t be energiser bunnies all the time, right? Being tired sometimes gives us a chance to be more energetic at others – like now, which is fantastic timing as I head out to more local events, and lead up toย the NZ Book Festival in October.

But anyhow. What did last week hold?

  • Got my butt on the yoga mat a couple of times, and went for a walk today.
  • Worked on guest posts. A little. Oops.
  • Sent Beyond the End of the World to my betas, editor #1 and illustrator.
  • Decided on my next writing project! It’ll be an anthology of short stories for children.
  • Changed my Facebook profile to a Facebook page.
  • Designed cover art for said Facebook page.
  • Attended Mt Eden Craft Market – and got lots of compliments on my table display, and my book covers. So proud!

And what willย the week ahead hold?

  • Catching up on bookkeeping – I have a growing pile of receipts to file…
  • Getting started on my short stories (no deadline yet).
  • Record a vlog. Actually. Like, not just say I will.
  • Write Beyond the End of the World synopsis and send to editor #2.
  • Keep moving, aiming towards daily exercise.
  • Catch up on a few things I’m behind on… another oops.
My new Facebook cover - click to go to my page.

My Facebook cover – click to go to my new page.

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: A fresh sense of purpose

  1. Just back from a walk this afternoon and have made a declaration I’m going to stick to it! Always easy to say “too busy” or “the weather sucks” but enough with my excuses! Congrats on a lot of great achievements. Deborah x


    1. You look like you’re on a productive run! The badges look fantastic – I am crossing everything to win ๐Ÿ™‚

      There are always excuses (pages and pages of excuses, sometimes) but there are always ways out of the excuses, too, I think.

      Here’s to sticking to it *clinks teacup*


  2. Zee could it be because you have a new facebook page I couldn’t send you a message. It said I wasn’t authorised to send one. I have been practising my art. A huge big thank you.


    1. That is correct – you can message me through my new Facebook page though (just search ZR Southcombe and you’ll find me).

      I hope you’re having fun with it, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your banner and stickers and all the other goodies!


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