Monday Musings: The trilogy is complete!

Monday Musings

Well, sort of finished. The first draft of Beyond the End of the World is finally complete, and just needs a bit of revision before I send it to my first editor, Jeni Chappelle. It’s the last book in my chapter book trilogy: The Caretaker Series (book one is The Caretaker of Imagination, followed by Lucy’s Story: The End of the World). Jeni gives me an overall assessment of the manuscript, aptly called a ‘manuscript assessment’, so I can catch plot-holes, recurring issues and any storytelling elements I need to sort out.

After the first assessment, I go through the changes Jeni suggests (very kindly, I might add) and send it to beta readers. This time, I am sending it to a couple of beta readers, but also experimenting with another editor: NZ writer Lee Murray. She was referred by a very good writer friend of mine, and the reason I’m doing so is two-fold. Firstly, I am not doing much beta reading anymore, so it doesn’t feel right asking for beta reading without payment. Secondly, I’m building towards a systematic workflow of editor -> revise -> editor -> revise -> proofreader.

Having said all of that, I’m not going to be working on a chapter book for a while. I’ll talk a bit more about my writing plans for this year, but suffice to say my next chapter book series (which will be set in The Caretaker Series‘ future) is something I intend to publish in 2016. I have a loose outline of the first book, and an even looser outline of the whole series.

And since it’s Monday, here’s last week’s summary:

  • I didn’t walk or yoga every day, but I did 3 yoga sessions and one moderate walk. Progress!
  • I completed Beyond the End of the World draft – woop! woop!
  • I recorded two vlogs – one which will be published on Christine Campbell’s site, the other which had crappy sound quality and will need to be re-recorded.
  • A couple of guest blog posts have been written.
  • I planned a book-only market display, and have ordered a banner for the table. Check out my events calendar.
  • And as a little distraction, I had a go at Booktrack! It was a heap of fun and I’m looking forward to getting the rest out. Have a read / listen to The Caretaker of Imagination Prologue here.

What have I got planned for this week?

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