Monday Musings: Markets & Movies

Monday Musings

I missed last week’s Monday post for no better reason than I was tired after the launch party preparations and of course, the event itself. Which was fantastic. See the photos here.

So last week was all about sleeping in, eating well, and getting some more exercise in. As I blogged yesterday, I’m trying to do a daily yoga challenge. I’m not doing fantastically well, but I’m confident I’ll build it into a daily habit by the end of the month.

On Saturday, I attended the Blockhouse Bay Market Day with Jo Barr and Robyn P Murray – who are fellowย children’s authors. They do picture books, and Robyn also has some short story anthologies for adults. Since I grew up in Blockhouse Bay, I met some familiar faces, but there were a bunch of new faces, too.

My most exciting moment was meeting a reader – he’d come to the first launch, and loved The Caretaker of Imagination. He’s even written a spy story of his own so I encouraged him to enter my children’s writing competition. All up, the morning gave me confidence that markets are worth doing for me – and that I enjoy them! The next market I’ll be at is the Mt Eden Craft Market on Saturday, July 11th.

So, how did I go last week?

  • I got lots of rest and started a yoga routine, as well as doing a few walks.
  • I did 800+ words on my next book – Beyond the End of the World.
  • I met up with some other children’s authors to discuss the Storylines event, which we’re hoping to attend.
  • And as you know, had a lovely morning at the Blockhouse Bay Market Day.
  • I bought a new headphone-with-mic set to help me along with vlogging!

And this week?

  • I’d like to do yoga and / or walk every day. Just some movement, as I spend so long sitting down in admittedly bad posture.
  • Complete Beyond the End of the World first draft.
  • Plan for a more streamlined market display that I can set up and pack down on my own.
  • More vlogs. I’m starting to enjoy the process, and will get at least one up this week.

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