With a little help from my friends

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As the launch for Lucy’s Story looms, I’ve been thinking about how much of this wouldn’t have been possible without help from friends.

The launch party is relying on my talented, bubbly and generous friends giving freely of their valuable weekend and even more valuable skills to help me out. We’ve got so much awesome stuff planned, and there is no way I could pull something this brilliant off by myself.

But what about the book itself? Jeni Chappelle gave me a brilliant manuscript assessment and encouraged me to keep going. I got more feedback from my wonderful writer friends as well as proofreading and formatting. Printing has been done on a tight deadline and the illustrations & cover art couldn’t be better.

Of course, none of this could have happened if I hadn’t picked up a pen and started the first draft of ‘The Caretaker of Imagination’. I’ve been blessed with so much advice and help on an industry that I knew nothing about a mere two years ago – and the encouragement to give it a go.

So thank you new friends and old friends, and friends I haven’t met yet. I couldn’t do it without you!

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