Introducing photographer, James Stonley


A friend shared James Stonley’s Facebook page, and I was instantly attracted. At the time, the images were largely street photography. From just one photo, it seemed as if you could read the story of the subject being photographed – no small feat – and I became more interested in James’ work.

Images from

I met James later on, and it took a while to register that he wasย theย James Stonley from the photography page! Regardless, it was great to connect, and share our stories of art, culture, and following our passions – which, after all, is what life is all about.

Since then, we’ve connected more, and he surprised me by taking on the role of photographer at my first launch party (which was fortunate, as my other photographer’s camera had decided to pull a sickie).

Images by James Stonley

At my next launch (on the 20th of June, for Lucy’s Story: The End of the World), James will be holding a photo booth! He’s got some awesome ideas brewing, but they’re just ideas for now so you’ll have to visit on the day to see what he gets up to – or catch the photos here afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to know more about James Stonley? Visit him on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr –ย or visit his website:ย

James Stonley is definitely in my good books... no pun intended!

James Stonley is definitely in my good books… no pun intended!

James is a photographer originally from Liverpool in England now living in Auckland, New Zealand.ย He specialises in portrait photography and street portraits.

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