Monday Musings: It’s launch week!

Monday Musings

Even though I’ve already posted today, I would like to keep this Monday postings thing regular. Routine – albeit flexible routine – helps me, and I reflection & goal-setting are a great start to any week.

Last week, there were several moments where I stopped, considered the moment I was in, and realised that I wasn’t happy with where I was at. It was triggered by the workshop with Butterfly Clinic, which brought home how much anxiety I was letting myself get caught up in.

Awareness is the first step towards change, though, and I managed to get some walking and some meditation in last week. I got a bit of journalling done, and achieved some of the things I set out to do. I’m working towards a lifestyle where I can work on creative projects – whatever they may be – with some level of choice and flexibility. All my work is done with one thought for myself, and another for bringing creative opportunities to those who might otherwise miss out.

So, how did I go last week?

  • I cleaned up my studio, at least, and got some cleaning done on the rest of the house.
  • Drawing challenge and writing pages are done for the launch party and just need to be printed.
  • I got my butt in the chair for a bit of writing, but am not happy with my discipline yet. More writing!!
  • And on the weekend, I visited the Mt Eden Village Craft Market and have applied for next month’s event.

And this week? Well, it’s launch weekend, so pretty much everything is geared towards getting (and staying) organised.

  • All the prep materials (drawing pages, crayons, signage, decorations etc.) ready for the event.
  • More house cleaning, and getting rid of some unnecessary ‘stuff’
  • Beyond the End of the World drafting!
  • Lots of walking & plenty of water – got to keep myself healthy when my brain is in pre-launch mode.

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: It’s launch week!

  1. Reading your weekly goals helps keep me motivated. I’m having a bit more difficulty this year than normal, so I am going to have to get organized and work on some sort of a schedule.


    1. Oh, I’m glad you find them helpful! After Emma’s comments regarding her own weekly post I wasn’t sure if I should start it up again. I tried a schedule, but I found it too restrictive. Instead of a schedule, I have tasks that I want to do every day. It doesn’t matter what order I do them in, and at the moment I’m aiming to do at least 4 of the 7, and work my way up. I look forward to hearing what you find works for you.

      I think I’m finally learning not to be too hard on myself!


    1. Thank you for expressing your appreciation 🙂 It’s a big learning curve, and I’m grateful to have a lot of other creatives to learn from, who are just as willing to share!


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