Introducing singer/songwriter, Jennie Cruse!


IMG_20141020_103117Jennie Cruse’s music is beautifully inspiring. On the greyest of days with the bluest of moods, I play her album on repeat (not even exaggerating here) and it never fails to make me feel better.

I first heard Jennie sing at the premiere of ‘Broken Hallelujah‘, a kiwi film hosted by (I’ll write a bit more about these guys later, but it’s essentially a one-stop shop for NZ events & entertainment run by my friend & hairdresser, Deb Byrnand). After her performance, I got my hands on an album as soon as I could – and got another one for my sister’s birthday!

I met up with Jennie a few weeks ago, hoping to work out a deal for her to perform at my launch party. Being the generous soul that she is, Jennie offered to be the entertainment of the day! I’m chuffed and grateful to have her on board.

JCBelow, Jennie describes her album, ‘Solitude‘ – and I have to say, I completely agree.

“This unique and modern debut album by UK singer songwriter Jennie Cruse is a beautifully recorded dreamscape of 12 elemental, drifting pop songs. Kaleidoscopic and rich in melody, “Solitude” fuses Jennie’s love of ’60’s soundtracks to Goldfrapp, Bjork and Dusty Springfield.”

You can purchase Jennie’s album from my website shop, or directly from Jennie for a mere NZ$15. If you will be at the launch of Lucy’s Story, they’ll be on sale there as well.

Want to know more about Jennie Cruse? You can find her on Facebook, YouTube, and on her brand new website:


I’ll leave you with a playlist of some of Jennie’s songs, along with some other tracks she’ll be singing at the launch party.

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