Book Week at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate


Following on from my first school visit at St Dominic’s, I popped down the road and spent last week at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate (equivalent to middle school, for my US peeps :-)). They were celebrating Book Week, and as part of that had guests come in and talk to the students about reading & writing.

I had the pleasure of talking with four different classes, and had HEAPS of questions about writing. There was, or course, the classic ‘Where do you get your inspiration / ideas from?‘ but my favourite question was ‘How old do you have to be to be an author?‘. At 26 years, I’m at the young end of the published author age spectrum and one of my strongest motivations is proving that you can be a writer – published, even – at any age you want to. I especially loved the broad grin I got when I told her that there was nothing stopping her from being an author now.

On that note, if you’re in NZ and in Year 7-10 at school, I’ve got an opportunity for you to be published – more info here!


Apart from Q&A, I shared some of Jane Thorne‘s illustrations, showed the students my (messy) planning for The Caretaker of Imagination, and read the first two chapters of Lucy’s Story! This was the scariest part – to read my OWN book to a real, live, honest audience… *shudder*. But, I was pleasantly surprised by their reaction, and even got an applause from one class! This has inspired me enough to get a video reading done (very soon… I promise!)

I’ve got a few other school visits planned, so watch this space – and if you’re a student or teacher in New Zealand – get in touch to organise a visit! I love meeting the young people of New Zealand to share my journey & inspiration 🙂

2 thoughts on “Book Week at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate

    1. Thanks, Grace! Hopefully I’ve been able to show them that being a writer (or artist, or dancer, or antique shop owner 😉 ) is a real possibility!


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