NZ Independent Book Festival

Books & Reading

“More and more people are now understanding the advantages of independently or self-publishing their own books using this type of publishing platform, be it in printed format or eBooks. The festival offers a great way to connect enthusiastic readers with enthusiastic authors.

Thinking about selling books: who is the best person to promote and sell their book than the author themselves? The plan for the NZIBF (see the Facebook page) is for it to continue to grow and become the premier book event of the year, catering to readers and writers of all genres.

With the support of independently and self-published authors, and private literary businesses, many more manuscripts will become the books found under readers’ noses.” – Louise de Varga, NZIBF

Interested? You can share in the festivities by attending the weekend, but also by making it happen! Louise is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Boosted (hence the video) which you can check out here and donate if you want to:



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