Changes for ‘What Stars Are Made Of’

News, What Stars Are Made Of

At the time of inception, What Stars Are Made Of was a personal project. It gave me something to throw myself into while my other manuscripts were with the illustrator or beta readers and it meant I’d have a book to publish by the end of 2014 (I wrote about that here).

It’s been hugely more popular than I ever thought it would be, especially in paperback format, and a couple of bookshops have been interested. However, because I hadn’t envisaged it as a ‘commercially viable’ product, I hadn’t it priced it as such.

When an author / publisher (of which I’m both) has a product stocked by a bookseller, the bookseller obviously needs to take a cut. It’s only fair – but I had not factored the ‘middle (wo)man’ in and so I had priced the book in a way where I barely made a profit. It was a labour of love.

Now that it’s proved me wrong in terms of its commercial value, I am increasing the price so it is financially viable for me and the bookseller, while still being a fair market price. The paperback format for What Stars Are Made Of will now be $24.99.

I also have an exciting new format! Fellow artist Kat Ratcliffe wrote this review and shared how she ripped the pages out and stuck them on her wall like a poster. That got me thinking, and I have finally gotten round to creating a concertina-style book.


The ‘book’ is beautifully printed by Chris at on a synthetic ‘paper’ which has a plastic-y feel so won’t rip easily on its creases. It’s also printed using UV-resistant ink so the images won’t fade. This form of the book will be available shortly in the shop for $20.


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