Stars Make Me Teary Eyed

A to Z Challenge, Art, The Caretaker of Imagination

Earlier this year, I had commented on a post about Instagram. Another commenter read my comment and got in touch with me, asking me more about how I used Instagram. This person was the lovely Deborah Moss (and here’s her beautiful Instagram feed).

I found out that she’s working on a book of poetry, which will be accompanied by New Zealand art, and is an artist herself. After looking at her website, I fell in love with her jigsaw puzzle pieces and enquired about a commission. I was pretty vague – something about stars and tea, I said.

A couple of months later I followed up and ordered the painting. Deborah took the idea and flew with it, and I was blown away by the depth of thought that went into every aspect of the painting.

The big surprise was when it came to shipping – Deborah managed to make it to The Caretaker of Imagination’s launch party, and dropped it off personally!

Stars make me teary eyed image 1 flying tea and saucer with shooting stars On the wall

One thought on “Stars Make Me Teary Eyed

  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful post. It truly was a privilege to paint an artwork for you and it was a fantastic creative challenge. I hope you enjoy the painting and I’m so happy it’s with such a wonderful owner. All the best for your literary and other artistic endeavours. Deborah x


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