A to Z Challenge, Pirates

david nau François l’Olonnais

Born Jean David Nau, this ruthless pirate was better known as François l’Olonnais. He was one of the most barbaric pirates in the Golden Age of pirating (17th century). He was rumoured to have cut the heart out of a captive to chew on while he continued questioning the rest of the captive crew – yuck!

henry every

Henry Every

Henry Every had a number of aliases during his life Long Ben, John Avery and Benjamin Bridgeman. He was popular while he lived, and lots of people wrote stories and plays about him. In the 17th century, this was equivalent to making movies or TV shows about someone – so he was a bit of a celebrity.

roberts, bartholomew

Bartholomew Roberts

More commonly known as Black Bart (yep, that reminded me of The Simpsons, too!), Roberts was a hugely successful pirate and like to dress in grand clothing. Many people think it’s because he was bold, confident and ambitious but I think it also had something to do with his drink of choice – unlike the traditional pirate’s beverage of rum, Roberts chose to drink only tea.


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