It’s sort of for Grown Ups

A to Z Challenge, The Caretaker of Imagination

For the April A-Z blogging challenge, I’ll be blogging about my latest release, The Caretaker of Imagination.

Throughout the process of writing this book, I found it really hard to settle on a genre. I couldn’t even decide on an age group for it! I sent the first few chapters for a sample critique from an agent a while ago, who told me that since it’s got an adult protagonist I should be writing for adults. That threw me for a while, and I lost direction (she did say ‘comedy’ though, so I was glad things came through as funny!)

With advice from my beta readers, I eventually settled back on the book being for children – but sort of for grown ups as well. I noticed that What Stars Are Made Of was a bit like that, too.

I think the reason is that I don’t hold back when writing for children. Obviously, I keep it all PG-rated, but the depth of emotion and experience are not shallowed out for children. I believe that as grown ups we have a terrible tendency to think children are somehow less intelligent or mature than we are. Which is codswallop, clearly.

Whether you’re a child, or a grown up, or somewhere in-between – you can purchase The Caretaker of Imagination from one of the links below:




2 thoughts on “It’s sort of for Grown Ups

    1. What genres aee you choosing between? One piece of advice I was given was to think about who my influences were for the book, and what I was reading during drafting.


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