“Indulging in this piece of ART has motivated me in keeping on the RIGHT path,” – Kat Ratcliffe, Goodreads

Reviews, What Stars Are Made Of

I have my own personal interpretation of this wonderful book that I would like to share with anyone reading this.

What makes a star is a person who goes through tough times, and doesn’t let it turn them into a bad person. They work hard at their goals, even if that means making choices that will make them not popular with others. They use everything they have learnt from all their good and bad experiences into helping them grow, achieve and succeed without stomping on others in the process.

I am so touched by the meaning it has gifted me personally that I’m gonna be destroying the book by cutting out the pictures and posting them on my bedroom wall in chronological order, so I can be reminded everyday and every night, that I can achieve my goals and I must make hard choices to do so, even ones that will make me alone most of the time for the sake of achieving something deep and meaningful to me personally.

Indulging in this piece of ART has motivated me in keeping on the RIGHT path to succeed and doing it the RIGHT way.

I can do it and I will do it!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us,

Yours thankfully,

Kat Ratcliffe aka Burning Bush! – Goodreads

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