Book Launch & Media Round Up

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Wow! A big thanks to EVERYONE who made yesterday’s launch such a brilliant success. I was blown away by the support – whether you were there in person, or there in spirit – and really touched.

As I said at the launch, every little bit of support over the last two years has contributed to me actually finishing the book, actually publishing the book, and actually having a book launch. I really, truly couldn’t have done it without you ALL.

Today of course, I am feeling ALL the feels, but my brain is awake enough to share some photos contributed by Barbs Peterson, James Stonley Photography & Deborah Moss.

You can purchase the print books directly from me (see shop), or from Pt Chev Bookshop. You can get the eBooks from Amazon and Kobo.

Some recent guest posts, as part ofย The Caretaker of Imagination blog tour:

Samantha Dunaway Bryant: Balancing Act

Dornwell Studios

Chris the Story Reading Ape

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