A Writing Retreat & Historical Fiction Giveaway

Behind the Scenes

One of the coolest things about being a writer is making friends with other awesome writers. Recently, I ‘met’ Lizzi Tremayne in an online writing group, and went down to Waihi for her book launch. While down there, I was treated to my own little retreat room (pictured below – isn’t it gorgeous??). It was PERFECT: a wonderful conglomeration of rest, reflection, fresh air, and creative company.20150307_125141I’m also an art journalist for an emerging online magazine called SONZA. It stands for Spotlight On the New Zealand Arts and I’m really excited about playing a part in it. I’ve done a few write ups for SONZA before, but I’ll be writing more frequently for them this year.

The reason I mention this is ’cause I recently published an interview with Lizzi on there, and she’s generously donated a signed copy of her book, A Long Trail Rolling as a prize for a giveaway! It’s a YA historical fiction with a hint of romance and strong female characters. All the details of the comp are on the website, and it’s worth reading the interview as well.


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