This week on the web: Reviews & Interviews

Reviews & Appearances

This week I started my blog tour for The Caretaker of Imagination. This is kind of like a book tour, where the author goes around the cities in their country and does book signings and speaking events. Instead of a physical tour, I’m ‘touring’ the internet, by posting articles and interviews on different blogs.

Every week, I’ll update you with where I’ve toured. Here’s the round up for this week:

Kylie Jude – Interview

Kylie Jude is a fellow ‘Jill of all trades’. She’s involved in different creative pursuits, and so her interview with me focuses on the different types of art I make, as well as how I manage it all! She’s a super talented lady and worth checking out.

Christine Campbell – Setting up a Blog Tour

Christine is an author, too, and I happen to be reading her latest book Searching for Summer at the moment! We decided to do a more marketing-focused post, as many of her readers are writers, like she and I both are. So, on her blog, I’ve written about how an author can set up a blog tour for their book, and why it’s something worth doing.

DC Grant – The Marketing Rule of Seven

This is another author, this time a fellow New Zealander. She writes historical & teen fiction. Her blog is also geared towards other writers, so we chose to write about marketing there, too. This one is about gaining publicity, being patient and thinking long-term in regards to the ‘rule of seven’.

New reviews

There were also some awesome new reviews for What Stars Are Made Of. You can check out Freya’s review on Amazon, and an especially touching review all the way from Ireland on Goodreads. Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed. I ❤ you all!

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