The Perfect Writing Place

Behind the Scenes

One of the awesome things about being a writer is the people you meet. I’m in an online writing group called The Writers’ Coffeehouse which one of my writer friends, Amanda, set up. Earlier this year, Amanda started giving us prompts to use as inspiration for our writing.

Last week the prompt was: The Perfect Writing Place.

20141003_091118 (1)

My absolute favourite place to write is in a café. Because I work in different parts of Auckland, I’ve found several different cafes (and a foodcourt!) around the place that I’ve come to like for different reasons – it might be the food, the art, the service, or the quiet atmosphere.

There are a few reasons why I like writing in cafés. One is because there are less distractions if I’m not at home. Like, even if I don’t actually vacuum the house today, there’s still that nagging in my head that I need to do it. Another is because they usually have interesting artwork, and interesting artwork is good to feed my creative brain.

I think the biggest reason though, is that I’m aware of the time. I know that I am there for an hour or two, I’ve gone with the purpose of writing, and if I don’t end up with a decent number of words on the page then it feels like a waste of time and money.

Oh and yummy food! Nom, nom nom…

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